Teaching Nepali to Nepalese

Recently, I have started voluntarily teaching Nepali in USA. I am teaching Nepali for Nepalese kids and an American adult. Students are almost at there starting level. All of them speak English at their home except one who speaks Newari at home. They can write basic alphabets with difficulty.

It is a difficult job: how to teach Nepali to Nepalese? I am trying to adopt participatory approach in teaching language. It is interesting to teach Nepali to non Nepali speaking Nepalese. I do not want to teach the language in traditional way: starting with alphabets and ending with stupid grammer. I am starting with interesting words and simple sentences. Students will find interesting words or I will search interesting word for them and go ahead with it. They will also learn writing alphabets from the words they have learned.

I am taking the path which lead to appreciation of their efforts of learning language and reward them with chocolates and stikers. Best students will get surprise award or prize at the end of the semester along with their regular chocolate regards. Coming weeks I will try to find interest of each student like painting, reading, TV, games, cooking etc. I will continue the hand writing excercise on excercise book for alphabet practice. I will also try to find if they are interested in some Nepali songs or videos. I am planning to introduce conversation in Nepali with already introduced words.

The biggest challenge of this work is to find the ways to motivate them so that they have interest in learning Nepali.


6 Responses to “Teaching Nepali to Nepalese”

  1. Nepali Keta Says:

    Nepali for Nepali ! interesting.

  2. Neeraj K Says:


    I am a journalism student, and was interested in the flow of Nepalis in USA. I wondered if I could ask you a few questions regarding this? Please reply back.


  3. Byas USA Says:


  4. Bal Krishna Sharma Says:

    I really appreciate your attempt. This is the best work one can do being in a foreign land. I am presently at University of Hawaii pursuing MA in Second Language Studies. My area of interest is Teaching English as a Second Language and Teaching Nepali as a Second Language. Please mail me with your full address so that we can talk more.

    Bal Krishna Sharma
    Department of Second Language Studies
    University of Hawaii

  5. gopal birahi Says:

    I am MA in Nepali(faculty-humanity and social sciences-TU,Nepal) and am a lecturer in Nepal. I want to know either there are universities,in which I can teach Nepali, in USA ? Or, what should be a suitable job for me there in USA ?

  6. Lomash Regmi Says:

    There are some good materials (in English) on uTube that you could try to translate into Nepali to motivate your students. My 2 year old son likes many presentations of SuperSimpleSongs on uTube. I am trying to teach him some Nepali also and I actually have a website with some flash games and animations that I developed. My website is games. wondernepal. com I hope it is helpful for you.

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